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Innovation Award Winning Independent IOT Lithium Modules

Below is an excerpt from MODEX 2020's Innovation Awards.


Summary of Innovation

Stromcore has developed the very first 100AH Lithium modules capable of forming parallel building blocks in a forklift battery compartment. The modules can stack up to 20 in parallel for a total of 2000AH. Each is independently connected to the internet and the cloud, thereby reporting continuous health updates. The modules can be remotely activated or deactivated in the event that a fault is detected. Finally, the modules are constructed for quick and easy swapping: simply slide one out and put the new module in!

Innovation Statement

Stromcore is introducing the first modular Lithium system to innovate on the 'single pack' Lithium batteries currently on the market. We have also developed a sophisticated IOT infrastructure to support our modules remotely.


Forklift OEMs and End Users can 'build their own' Lithium battery within 100AH increments and treat every individual module as an independently serviceable battery.



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