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Stromcore Lithium Batteries Tackle Heavy-Duty Applications

Below is an excerpt from Forklift Action's Special Feature. To read more, please click here.


High intensity forklift operations require an energy source that is capable of powering through a multi-shift environment while maintaining low costs of operation. a Canadian-based lithium battery manufacturer, has released their next generation range of heavy-duty lithium batteries that offer industry leading "Turbo" charge rates, durable components that last twice as long as competing lithium solutions, and no downtime to keep forklifts running productively. Large format forklifts, like those used in outdoor applications, have traditionally been dominated by propane and other internal combustion options, but high fuel and maintenance costs continue to be a sore spot. Although lithium batteries have offered the promise of low energy costs, their ability to keep up with the pace of internal combustion has been a challenge. Stromcore has proven that operations can have the best of both worlds using cutting edge battery technology, ushering in lithium's long-awaited promise.

Compatible with the widest range of forklift models

Flexible compatibility is an important element since operations will first select which forklift is right for the job, and then move on to selecting their energy provider. This is why Stromcore's large format batteries have been designed to fit the greatest number of forklift models in the market with a range of voltage from 36V to 96V. For large-scale indoor operations, the 36V and 48V range is capable of reaching up to 1,600AH and 1,200AH of capacity respectively, to keep running around the clock. For more demanding outdoor environments, Stromcore batteries are also available in 72V, 80V, and 96V options. The batteries have been rigorously field tested in harsh conditions ranging from heavy lumber to cold storage.

Turbo charging eliminates the need to constantly swap fuel tanks

Stromcore batteries were built with cutting edge patented battery cell technology that can charge at continuous rates of 600A when paired with Stromcore's Turbo Chargers. With opportunity charging, forklifts gain up to 2 hours of runtime for every 10 minutes of charge. Using a simple plug-and-charge mechanism (just like an electric car!), the strains of swapping heavy propane tanks are eliminated. Best of all, the batteries generate half the heat of other lithium battery providers, which eliminates the need for extended cooldown breaks, even in warm ambient climates.

Zero downtime for high productivity and low maintenance cost

Internal combustion engines are more likely to break down than electric motors because they have more moving parts. Higher maintenance results in lower productivity and greater cost of ownership. This being said, "single pack" battery solutions can also face failures and render a forklift inoperable until maintenance can be performed. Until now, Lithium batteries have not offered a fix for prolonged downtime.

Patented Stromcore modules

Stromcore batteries work differently than competing solutions: its unique patented module structure eliminates almost all downtime. Think of modules as Lego bricks that are stacked to make one large battery. Each module is independently monitored and controlled via the cloud to maintain optimal battery conditions. When needed, individual modules can be remotely disconnected, while the remaining modules continue to operate. Best of all, the modules have individual temperature controls that allow forklifts to run unaffected in -30°C weather. This revolutionary change in thinking about batteries allows forklifts to operate continuously without the need for backups.

Sustainable solution for operators and the environment

Switching to lithium energy eliminates the vibrations caused by internal combustion, reducing driver fatigue and increasing productivity and wellness. For companies seeking to achieve sustainability goals, lithium is also the optimal choice. Transitioning to Stromcore lithium batteries eliminates pollutant emissions that impact the health of operators and the environment.

Significant cost reductions backed by a 10-year warranty

Total cost of ownership is increasingly becoming the most critical factor when deciding on an energy solution. While internal combustion forklifts have the advantage of lower upfront costs, the total amount spent over their lifetime is impacted by fuel and maintenance cost. By switching to cheaper electricity and opting for Stromcore's modular battery technology, operations can save up to $18,000 per year per forklift. Stromcore also stands by its bold claims of durability with a 10-year warranty. This enables operations to make confident decisions and focus on keeping their facilities productive.



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