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Stromcore Receives U.S. and Canadian UL Listing for the Greatest Range of Lithium Battery Models

Canadian Battery Systems Manufacturer, Stromcore Energy, Achieves UL 2580 Listing Across North America for its Battery Line of More Than 500 Models Designed to Operate Class I and II Heavy Duty Forklifts

Mississauga, Ontario – September 1st, 2021 – UL LLC (“Underwriters Laboratories” or “UL”), the global safety science leader, has awarded Stromcore Energy Inc. (“Stromcore”), an advanced battery systems and module manufacturer based out of Canada, UL 2580 Listing for their Class I and II forklift battery systems across North America. The safety certification approves Stromcore’s line of more than 500 battery models, the greatest range of approved systems for heavy-duty material handling applications.

UL Listing ensures products are powered to the highest standard of safety and durability. UL 2580 exposes batteries to a range of destructive scenarios that examine their ability to withstand abuse and protect the safety of personnel.

Stromcore batteries not only passed all tests, but they proved their ability to continue operating and Turbo Charge at industry leading 600A continuous rates after all destructive events leading up to the final fire test. As a testament to outstanding safety, the fire test lasted less than 1 hour with the batteries self-extinguishing and posing absolutely no risk to the surroundings.

UL 2580 testing involves a range of destructive tests including:

  • Short Circuit Test

  • Crush Test

  • Multi-Axle Rotation Test

  • Drop Test

  • Fire Propagation Test

“The Stromcore team is thrilled to achieve this tremendous milestone. Stromcore’s engineering teams have gone through incredible lengths to ensure the durability and safety of our systems, and we are pleased to see these efforts recognized by the respected UL safety organization. This accomplishment is just the beginning of our journey to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge solutions in the industry,” said Maxime Vidricaire, Chief Business Officer at Stromcore Energy.

Read Stromcore's UL2580 Listing:

UL Testing Footage

Drop Test

Rotation Test

Crush Test

About Stromcore Energy Inc.

Stromcore Energy, a lithium battery manufacturer based out of Ontario, designs and manufactures advanced lithium battery solutions for the material handling industry. The firm implements the latest in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology and is redefining productivity in forklifts with ever faster charge rates, longer run times, remote monitoring and servicing, active heating for freezers, and increased cycle life and energy efficiency. As the leader in lithium battery technology in material handling, Stromcore is helping pave the way for a more sustainable future.


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